Find the Balance Update

Updated: december 13, 2017

ZATERDAG 9 DECEMBER 2017 – 19:30 Landslake Lions MSE 1 vs VBC Akrides MSE 1 : 39 – 49

Another tough loss in part to uncontrollable circumstances. Our teams leading scoring was unable to attend the game and the lack of offense could not be made up. Defense was sound. Even great at moments. As the team is settling into a cohesive offense signs of more control and patience were very apparent, but by no means perfected.

Its been a teetering balancing act personally. Trying to be patient and focus on working within the offensive scheme. I find myself many times being too hesitant on the court so that we can get ourselves into an offensive flow collectively. Making the extra pass, or slowing down to set up the offense. It can at times come off as passive and have been unable to work myself into an offensive rhythm as of yet; a fault that is of my own accord. But to find the balance within the system will ultimately bring about the best result.

The team has had many new additions in our rebuilding process. Getting everyone on the same page is naturally going to take time. Most teams settle into an offense, understanding the nuances, only after one full or two full seasons together. So we must be patient with ourselves while at the same time demanding the highest expectations for this season. We have one more game before our winter break. There is a real chance we can rally for the second half of the season.

Written by Christopher Wilson: Player for Heren Mannen Senioren Promotiedivisie
Coach for Heren Mannen U18 Eredivisie